Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pear Photo Challenge

A few weeks ago the Lakeshore Camera Club had a photo challenge where members were invited to photograph pears (the fruit). No props were allowed, just the pears, with a simple backdrop and lighting. I entered a series of images and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of them took second place. The title of the image is "The Happy Couple 2"
Two other entries included "The Happy Couple"

and "The Dancers'

This was real learning experience on still life composition and lighting. A winning image may appear to be simple in composition but the path to get there may have had many roadblocks as well as twists and turns.

Having done these, a friend, Wayne (also a member of the Lakeshore Camera Club) is a "Master" woodworker and creates incredible pieces of furniture. He made a cutting board that was being given to friend, so I wanted to present an image of this master piece for his workshop. The following is the image called "Wayne's Board"

I will be posting more of my photographs on a regular basis.



Curt, Melissa & Christopher said...

Hello Morrie,
Thanks for visiting our blog and we'll pass on your wishes to those we can. Its amazing how life is filled with circles that we all seem flow back and forward through each others lives. I used to live in Pointe Claire in the late 80's. My wife used to be a graphic designer till we came north when she "retired" to raise our son, now she works her way through retirment in my store.
I have a question for you, since you have a understanding of the area and the temps maybe you can help me. I have been triing to photograph the Northern lights for a few weeks now but cannot get the job done. I have a 350 rebel with tripod and remote however I can't figure out the setting to allow me to get a manual exposure that will alow me to capture these images, I also don't enjoy standing out in the dark like a idiot for 45 minutes fiddling with this and that till the temp completely wipes out my battery. Any Idea's?

Anonymous said...

I see your comment on curtis blog.How long a ago you were living in Kangiqsujuaq? How many peoples you know here? Just interesting to know.