Monday, August 3, 2009

Worldwide Photo Walk

On July 18th I had the pleasure of participating in Scott Kelby's 2nd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. Photographers from all over the globe, both professional and amateurs joined up in groups or walks (900 photo walks and over 32,600 photographers!) of 50 to photograph their small part of the world. I had the pleasure of being part of the Vieux Port (Old Montreal) group. We were mainly made up of the very talented and passionate photographers of the Lakeshore Camera Club.

Each photographer upon completion of the day of photographing their location, chose two images to be submitted as part of the worldwide photography contest. At this point each local walk leader chose one image to represent their group. These selected images will then judged (Mid August) for the best image taken throughout the world by all the local winning photographers.

The image above which I took in Old Montreal which I call "The Wedding Party" was chosen to represent our group. This is truly an honour and I am humbled to represent such a talented group of photographers whom I call my friends.

The Wedding Party

Ships in the Harbour

The Depanneur



Ellen Dolan said...

Hi Morrie,

I had to google you after I saw 'The Wedding Party' on the World Wide Photowalk site. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and just had to write to tell you that. Not only do I hope that you win the competition but I hope to see it one day here in New York City on a wall at MoMA. I just love it.


Morrie Portnoff said...

Oh wow... Thanks so much for the feedback. As they say in street photography... sometimes you get lucky... your are in the right spot at the right time and happen to look up at the right time. Just being chosen by my walk leader is a humbling experience and an honour.

Thanks again


Gilles said...

Yes indeed a very beautiful shot Morrie, congrats.

Just found your blog again.

Frederic Hore said...

Superb photo Morrie... you deserved to win... it was a lovely candid image that I thought captured the spirit of the day, and Montreal too.

Your blog is a delight too!