Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lets Rock n'Roll

One of favorite haunts is Pete's Smoke Meat on Île Perrot. Besides what in my opinion is the best smoke meat this side of Schwartz's, offers a tasty sampling of local jazz and blues music. One never knows what one may hear. Sometime great and other times... well at least the smoke was great! On one such visit a group of us was celebrating my friend Terry's birthday, having my camera with me to record the evening's activities, I asked the evening's musician if I may take some photos. Having received his blessings my evening was sealed to be great. After all, I had four prime ingredients... Friends, Smoke Meat, Music and Photography. Let me introduce you to Mark Green of the Mark Green Band. Mark, originally from Newfoundland plays a raunchy blend of blues. A sample can be heard at
Enjoy, and more images from the Mark Green Band will follow.

Mark Green of the Mark Green Band

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Terry said...

It was great evening! A surprise too. Much appreciated.