Monday, September 13, 2010

Along the 401

Saturday night I watched the movie "Julie & Julia". For those whom are not familiar with this movie, it is about the famous cookbook author Julia Child. In this movie a fan (Julie) starts a blog chronicling her cooking experiences based on her "inspiration or muse",  Julia Child. At one point Julie questions if anyone is actually out there reading her blog or are her words and thoughts just floating about in cyber space. That made me think about my blog as well as other friends whom blog on a regular basis. So my question to you (if there are any you's) are you out there?

That being said, last weekend I traveled to Toronto by bus ( The ticket was only $19 each way. Great prices if you book 3 weeks in advance. So for under $45 I traveled return to Toronto. Great if you don not need a car there. Naturally I had to take some photos along the way. So here is the first…

Bus Shadow Along the 401


Victoria de Martigny said...

I'm out here in cyberspace... lurking more than commenting sometimes, but I'm definitely here :)

How the heck do the bus companies turn a profit selling tickets to Toronto for $19?? Surely the salary of the driver and the gas costs more than that (assuming the bus was even full)???

Morrie Portnoff said...

As the bus fills up the price goes up. Just before the departure the price was $80 each way. And the bus was full on the way back. Its a double decker. On the way there they had to put a second bus on the route.