Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Holders

Yesterday I decided to take a short walk over the lunch break and came back with this image. Once again a simple assortment of objects we all pass by everyday.

Here is an adjusted version of the image above. Notice the greater amount of detail in the snow. This is thanks to Ness of my camera club. She pointed this fault in the original. This is one of the many benefits of belonging to a camera club (specifically the Lakeshore Camera Club). To all you fellow photographers out there who keep hearing from friends and family how great your photos are, in order to really improve you need to get feedback from fellow photographers who are photographically honest will not spare your ego or feelings. Yes you will put yourself out there for all to see and comment, but if you want to improve that is the only way. Don't despair or give up just grab your camera (no matter what type) and keep on taking images that appeal to you.


bernicky said...

One of the advantages of associating with other photographers is that they can point out things which you may or may not want to do differently. I think it is important though that if you have an artistic vision of your own then you should also be true to that despite what others may point to as flaws. Just my two cents.

Morrie Portnoff said...

You are quite correct Denis. One has to be confident enough in one's vision but open to suggestions.